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Google Doodles Itself a Holiday Season



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    Google's holiday season doodle.

    If you're reading this at work, go home already.

    Google has officially declared Thursday the start of the holiday season, or in other words: the beginning of your vacation.

    The search giant unveiled a new Google Doodle to top its home page Thursday. The image portrays several tiles where the Google logo usually goes on the search engine's start page.

    Each tile depicts a different holiday theme, while most have something to do with Santa and his holiday. This is one of the first Christmas logos that Google has done without simply playing off its own colorful logo but the company maintains its attempt to be as inclusive as possible.

    The current topper, which will be on the page through Saturday night, has no mention of Google at all. If you look closely enough, you might see the tiles vaguely form the shape of the Google logo.