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Will Hulu Soon Offer a Premium Ad-Free Pay Version?



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    Internet video aggregator Hulu is riding high on the success of its Hulu Plus premium service, charging $10 a month for an expanded catalog of streaming video offerings. Now, Hulu CEO Jason Kevlar says he's thinking about an even higher (and more expensive) tier of the service that's completely ad-free.

    I've been trying out the one week-long free trial of Hulu Plus since last Friday, and frankly, I'm disappointed. First of all, I thought there would be complete back episodes of the programs, but that's not the case. For example, I wanted to watch last season's episodes of the SyFy hit series Warehouse 13, but only the last four shows were available from last season, along with the first episode that premiered on Tuesday night. Where is that complete back catalog, Hulu?

    I was also disappointed in the level of quality of the video streaming. We have a 30Mb per second broadband connection here, and the streaming video we saw dropped numerous frames and didn't look at all like HD. Is this is good as Hulu can do? It's not worth $10 a month. If Hulu could deliver true HD, and all the back episodes of the TV series it offers, and give it to us ad free, that would be worth $10.

    CEO Kilar didn't say how much Hulu would charge for an ad-free service, but if it could deliver HD, I might be persuaded to pay as much as $15 a month, but no more. Readers, what do you think Hulu Plus Plus would be worth? How do you like Hulu Plus so far?

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