Nokia Already Planning a Successor to Pay As You Go Netbook

Nokia's Booklet 3G isn't out until November, but that isn't stopping the company from planning a second iteration of its netbook-that-bills-like-a-cellphone, apparently. It usually does: announcing a superior follow-up hot on the heels of the Booklet would only hurt its opening sales.

With that said, details are understandably scarce, so take from this what you will. Taiwan's Economic Daily News newspaper is reporting that Compal, Nokia's manufacturer for the Booklet, is working around the clock to crank out the first generation Booklet and that the company expects to receive orders from Nokia for Booklets in 2010. Whether we just see an incremental upgrade or a wild redesign has yet to be seen.

Well, it looks like Nokia's Booklet 3G must have generated enough excitement if this is true. How about you — does the idea of paying $300 up front for a netbook and then continuing to shell out for monthly costs appeal to you?

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