Sony Trots Out Glamorous Walkman A840

Electronics pioneer again attempts to catch up to the iPod

You didn't think Sony was going to just sit there and get steamrolled by the iPod nano and Zune HD, did you? Like the new Zune HD, Sony's NW-A840 is sporting an OLED screen, this one's a smaller 2.8-incher and it's embedded in the slimmest Walkman ever — a whisper-thin 7.2mm.

If you're looking for a touchscreen, Wi-Fi, or 720p output like the Zune HD, this A-series number is not going to be the player for you, but it does have a unique digital noise-canceling feature and gives you some fine in-ear phones, too. We also like the way video is automatically converted as you drag and drop it into the player.

Look for these beauties in either black or brown around Halloween time, in overpriced 16GB ($263), 32GB ($329) and 64GB ($439) capacities. Check out a couple of close-ups of these glamorous media players, along with a Sony-produced video.

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