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Captain Hammer Joins "Super" Cast



    Joss Whedon's muse Nathan Fillion and former "ER" star Linda Cardellini have joined the cast of "Super," a new film from James Gunn also starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon and Liv Tyler.

    Gunn prefers to work with a core group of past colloborators and he goes way back with his new recruits. Fillion previously appeared in his 2006 project "Slither" and 2008's "PG Porn," while Cardellini played Velma in the "Scooby-Doo" series, which Gunn wrote. 

    "Super" is the story of a man (Wilson) whose wife (Tyler) leaves him for a drug dealer named Jacques (Bacon, naturally). With no outlet for his grief, he transforms himself into a wannabe superhero, The Crimson Bolt, to do battle with Jacques. With a pipe wrench as his only super weapon, he enlists the help of local comic store clerk, Libby (Page), as his trusty sidekick, Boltie.

    No word yet on the roles Fillion and Cardellini will be filling but we can't help but wonder if the striking resemblence between Tyler, Page and Cardellini had anything to do with that bit of casting. Does Gunn simply have a type or are there deeper creative forces at work? And how exciting is it to see Bacon doing bad again? Standards, shmandards. He was downright bitchin' in "Wild Things."