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JWOWW Tanned and Ready For The Mystery Locale of "Jersey Shore"



    Jenni JWOWW Farley might have been in full spring break mode rocking the bikini and calling for a plate of sliders at L.A.'s Tropicana over the weekend. But she's still in the dark about the details of the upcoming season.

    The producers of "Jersey Shore" are still keeping the carefully guarded details from the cast and the world, though speculation has centered on Miami.

    "I just want to know when and where," she told Popcorn Biz from the Springbreakitdown.com party. "They want that element of surprise."

    All the producers have said is that this season of "Jersey Shore" will not be on the Jersey Shore.

    "I feel like we conquered Jersey anyways," says Farley. "We can put it behind us."

    But not knowing does make for some packing dilemmas. JWOWW is confident that a bikini or two will be needed, so that's ready.

    "Knowing it's March, April we'll be filming, I think it'll be warm," she says. "I'm thinking Miami or Vegas or a spring break town like Cancun. Mexico. Or even A/C. That's a good time. That means Atlantic city."

    But even if the location for It show of the season is tundra-filled Greenland, she's ready to take it on.

    "There's no place I won't want to go," she says. "I'll go anywhere for this opportunity."