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  • Decision 2020 Jan 26

    Volatility Defines Democratic Race as Candidates Flood Iowa

    Democratic presidential candidates roared back into Iowa on Saturday touting fresh endorsements, critiquing their rivals and predicting victories in the caucuses that will soon launch the process of deciding who will challenge President Donald Trump. Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she was “delighted” to pick up a coveted endorsement from The Des Moines Register. The state’s largest newspaper called the...

  • Decision 2020 Jan 18

    Biden Rips Sanders Campaign for Social Security Attacks

    Joe Biden has called for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign to “disown” what he calls “doctored video” that some Sanders supporters say shows the former vice president endorsing Republican calls to cut Social Security and Medicare. “There’s a little doctored video going around … put out by one of Bernie’s people,” Biden told supporters Saturday in Indianola, Iowa, referring to...

  • Joe Biden Jan 16

    GOP Operative Parnas: The President Was ‘Fully Aware’

    Lev Parnas speaks to MSNBC about the play to get Ukraine to announce an investigation into the Bidens.

  • Election 2020 Jan 15

    Key Takeaways From Democratic Presidential Debate in Iowa

    There was a lot of pre-debate chatter about a coming fight between Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren over Warren’s assertion Sanders told her in 2018 that a woman couldn’t be elected president. Sanders denied it, Warren didn’t press it and a substantive debate on a range of issues ensued. Still, after the debate, it appeared that Warren declined to...

  • Decision 2020 Jan 15

    Fact Check: Trump Distorts Data, Dems Cut Some Corners

    Rallying in swing-state Wisconsin, President Donald Trump used misleading economic data to claim he’s created a “blue collar boom” while Democrats vying to replace him cut some corners on the facts in their latest presidential debate.

  • Election 2020 Jan 15

    Recap: Democrats Face Off Before Iowa Caucuses

    Six candidates — Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, former Vice President Joe Biden, billionaire activist Tom Steyer and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg — are gathering in Des Moines, all anxious for a televised boost before the Feb. 3 caucuses that could give one or more of them momentum...

  • New Hampshire Primary Jan 27

    in NH, New Poll Shows

    Elizabeth Warren has fallen into third place in New Hampshire with just one month to go until the New Hampshire primary, according to a new NBC10 Boston/Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll. The poll, released Monday, has Joe Biden in first place at 26%, followed by Bernie Sanders at 22% and Warren at 18%. Pete Buttigieg attracts 7% and late entrant…

  • Decision 2020 Jan 5

    The Unsinkable Joe Biden? Many Months and Many Gaffes Later, Biden Is Still Ahead

    Joe Biden is beginning 2020 the same way he began 2019: a front-runner in a presidential primary race in which many expected him to flame out early, NBC News reports. The former vice president has been attacked more by rivals and President Donald Trump than any other candidate in the race, and he’s arguably made more unforced errors than any other Democrat, but his position...

  • Decision 2020 Jan 3

    Warren, Klobuchar, Booker Recent Fundraising Lags Top Rivals

    Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said Friday that she raised $21.2 million from October through December, with more than $1.5 million coming on the last day of the year. But the Massachusetts senator still trailed a trio of other top rivals in fundraising and fell short of her total from the three previous months. Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar said she…

  • Pete Buttigieg Dec 31, 2019

    Buttigieg: I Would Not Have Wanted My Son on Ukraine Board

    Pete Buttigieg said Monday that he “would not have wanted to see” his son serving on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company while he was leading anti-corruption efforts in the country, an implicit criticism of the controversy that has ensnared his 2020 Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden.

  • Decision 2020 Dec 29, 2019

    Buttigieg Critiques Biden’s ‘Judgment’ on Iraq War Vote

    Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on Sunday called former Vice President Joe Biden’s vote to authorize the Iraq War part of the nation’s “worst foreign policy decision” of the millennial mayor’s lifetime. Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, was responding to a question about how his foreign policy experience measured up to others’ in the Democratic race, specifically...

  • Trump administration Dec 27, 2019

    Fact Check: The Biggest Whoppers of 2019

    As he has done since entering the political scene in 2015, Donald Trump dominates our list of whoppers of the year. We identified a top 10 of falsehoods and factual distortions from the president, beginning with several impeachment-related topics — a conspiracy theory on the Democratic National Committee server, a bogus narrative on Joe Biden and a laundry list of…

  • Election 2020 Dec 23, 2019

    Biden’s New Endorsement Reflects Battle for Latino Support

    Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is getting a boost from one of the leading Latinos in Congress. Rep. Tony Cárdenas of California endorsed the former vice president Monday as Democrats’ best hope to defeat President Donald Trump.

  • Joe Biden Dec 13, 2019

    Presidential Candidate Joe Biden in Bay Area for Fundraisers

    Former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden visited the Bay Area Thursday for several fundraising events for his campaign. Jean Elle reports.

  • Joe Biden Dec 13, 2019

    Former VP, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden in Bay Area

    Former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden will be attending a fundraising event in San Francisco on Thursday for his campaign. Anoushah Rasta reports.

  • Joe Biden Dec 13, 2019

    Former VP, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden in Bay Area for Fundraisers

    Former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden visited the Bay Area Thursday for several fundraising events for his campaign.

  • Dec 5, 2019

    Biden Calls Iowa Voter ‘Damn Liar’ Over Ukraine Question

    Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden had a heated exchange with an Iowa voter on Thursday while on the campaign trail, calling the man a ‘damn liar’.

  • Dec 6, 2019

    Biden Snaps at Voter in Iowa After Receiving Kerry Endorsement

    Joe Biden sought to capitalize on President Donald Trump’s icy reception from world leaders by portraying himself on Thursday as someone who is well versed in foreign affairs and can restore American prestige abroad. But his moves risked being overshadowed by a testy confrontation with a voter in Iowa. As he nears the end of an eight-day tour of...

  • Dec 2, 2019

    2020 Watch: Why Biden Is Blitzing Iowa and More Questions

    With just two months before primary voting begins, top Democrats are confronting their principal political liabilities with a new sense of urgency. It’s unclear how many voters will be paying attention, however, as the 2019 holiday season is here and impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump accelerate. As Democrats fight amongst themselves in key primary states, Trump is focused on...

  • Dec 2, 2019

    ‘Existential’ Is’s Word of the Year

    Climate change, gun violence, the very nature of democracy and an angsty little movie star called Forky helped propel “existential” to’s word of the year. The choice reflects months of high-stakes threats and crises, real and pondered, across the news, the world and throughout 2019. “In our data, it speaks to this sense of grappling with our survival, both...

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