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How California Compares on School Spending



    If you care about California and its schools, you should make time to read this new report from EdSource, a not-for-profit that tries to clarify complex educational issues.

    EdSource's latest task: getting to the bottom of competing claims about how California stacks up against other states when it comes to financial commitment to public education. Are we too cheap with our schools? Or wasting money?

    The report's conclusions: California spends less per-pupil than the national average -- much less if labor costs are considered. The state is pretty similar to the rest of country in how it spends school money -- about two-thirds goes to instruction (though some of our administraitve costs are higher). The states leads in teacher salaries -- but also asks teachers to do more, with very low staff-to-pupil ratios compared to the rest of the country.

    A link to the full report is here.