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Scissors For Lefty Needs Your Help

Contribute to Kickstarter fundraisers for music projects



    San Francisco indie rock act Scissors for Lefty dreams of embarking on a world tour, and asks for your help to make it a reality. A Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise $10,000 by August 15 in order to record a fourth full-length album and hit the road.

    "$10,000 is the bare minimum," they write, "we've seen a people with dreams of a making a potato salad recipe raise $30k, so let's blow the roof off this puppy!" If they exceed the goal, any extra money will go towards hiring a publicist to promote the album and tour.

    There are many incentives to donate beyond helping the band, including a digital copy of the full Scissors For Lefty catalog for those who chip in at least $20. On the high end, the band will do a private concert for you anywhere in America for $5000 or anywhere within 250 miles of San Francisco for $1500.

    Watch Scissors For Lefty's campaign video below: