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Beard Bolts for the Border



    The new Taco Bell XXL chalupa is so big that you need a closer to finish it, according to Giants closer Brian Wilson, the new spokesman for the border-bound fast-food company.

    We learn this thanks to two new commercials that debut today (via Darren Rovell of CNBC), in which Wilson does what he does best: get wacky and sling some product.

    He's fresh off the NBA 2K commercial where he wears Boston Celtics short shorts, and this Taco Bell gig doesn't disappoint either. First there's Wilson getting his beard fluffed before breaking into a rant as to why he knows how to act out the commercial that he's acting while he's acting out ... er, nevermind, anyway, here's the first one:

     And the second one. Both are hysterical. Be warned though, if you watch them a lot during the morning, you may find yourself getting a little, ahem, tired of melted nacho cheese.