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Epstein Trade Could Impact Giants



    Could the trade of Theo Epstein from the Red Sox to the Cubs -- it's still in progress! -- affect the Giants?

    Well, yes, and no and, um, maybe?

    The biggest example of this is the recent report from Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman that Epstein, once he's actually a part of Chicago, Padres general manager Jed Hoyer will be targeted by Epstein as a member of the front office.

    This indirectly affects the Giants because it means that Epstein, considered one of baseball's best managers, is targeting his old stomping grounds (San Diego) and trying to take away the front-office talent from the Padres.

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    In that sense, Epstein's presence in Chicago is good news, as it will likely result in a taking away of talent from the Padres. All due respect to Josh Byrnes, of course, who Heyman reports will take over as GM if Hoyer leaves.

    Indeed -- Byrnes is also considered a possible second-in-charge for Epstein in Chicago if it's not Hoyer. Both worked under Epstein in Boston before taking GM jobs of their own.

    Then there's this notion: Bruce Bochy was the coach of the Padres when Epstein was there.

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    Bochy won an NL Pennant in 1998 in San Diego, and it's always possible that Theo could consider him for the Cubs job, given the success he had while with the Padres.

    And, of course, the success he's had in San Francisco -- you'll recall they won the World Series last year -- doesn't hurt either.

    Given how closely removed Bochy is from that title, he might not even be interested. And most rumors tie Ryan Sandberg to the Cubs job once Theo's situation is resolved.

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    But given the connection, it's at least worth wondering about.