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    STRAWBERRY FLAN: Really. Just put the word "flan" on the end of any other word, and we'll probably make a serious effort to seek it out. But at the end of strawberry? We might plan our whole weekend around it. Strawberry flan is indeed one of the tasty concoctions listed on the BerryFest page, alongside Deep-Fried Strawberry Pie, Strawberry Kettle Corn, and the Lost Coast's Strawberry Beer (the idea of deep-fried pie and beer does hold allure). BerryFest is happening on Saturday, May 7 and Sunday, May 8 in Roseville, which means if Mom is a huge strawberry girl, and likes a daytrip, you have a good potential outing for her special weekend.

    FRUIT FENDERS: Rivaling strawberry flan for our affections is the fact that an award will be presented at the car show to "the Cruiser whose car looks most like a strawberry." Cheerful. Roseville's about two hours drive; does Mom want to do brunch in Sacramento on the way? A full day, but, then again, Mother's Day weekend is all about the full day, if it is celebrated properly.