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LA Doctor Who Con

Stars, fans, and possibly Dalek or two are set for Gallifrey 2012.



    BIG BLUE BOX: If only we owned a TARDIS we could have already visited Gallifrey 2012, which, as we type this, is actually happening in the future. Following? Good, good. Gallifrey 2012 is also known as the North American Doctor Who Celebration, and it is creeping up on its quarter-century anniversary, meaning a whole bevy of big stars are set to cameo at the LA-based convention. And if we had that TARDIS, and we'd already popped by the future convention -- dates are Friday, Feb. 17 through Sunday, Feb. 19 -- we would tell you all about seeing Eighth Doctor Paul McGann and the great Camille Coduri, that force of nature who gave life to one Jackie Tyler during the Ninth and Tenth Doctors' tenures. Oh, what fun we had at the convention that hasn't happened yet! Laughs and high jinks and such.

    BUT WAIT: Even if you don't own a big blue box, you can still journey to Los Angeles to be part of merry madness. What you'll find: celebrities, as mentioned, plus all sorts of panels and cosplay and people selling sci-fi-y frippery. Last year a bunch of people showed up in fezes and bow ties. Fingers double crossed that there will be a whole slew of curly-headed River Songs in the house this year, ready to fete one of television's longest running shows and a jewel in the genre series crown. "In the house" is the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, not some distant spaceport, note. That's so thoughtful, we think, bringing the party to this planet.

    OF RELATED NOTE: WonderCon has indeed departed San Francisco and will soon makes its Anaheim debut. The dates for the mega pop-culture convention are March 16-18. We say this is related given the fact that WonderCon has given "Doctor Who" some love over the years.

    ONE MORE THING: We adore Paul McGann in "Withnail & I." Had to be said. We also have a thing for the Weeping Angels, as long as they stay very, very far away and entirely dormant.