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Napa Chefs' Market Opens for the Season



    IN A NAME: A lot of cities and towns and restaurants have a pretty free hand when it comes to sticking the word "chef" on the front and in the middle of things. We're not saying it isn't a warranted addition in most cases, but it's a pretty hefty word and carries some psychic weight. But Napa is exempt from any should-they-or-shouldn't-they-use-that-word dithering. Always. Because whenever Napa has something with "chef" in the title, well, you know not only will it be downright culinary, but one or more highly regarded kitchen wizards will show up. And bing! Here they come. The Napa Downtown Chefs' Market opens for the season on Thursday, May 19.

    MUSIC AND BITES: The market won't simply feature famous toque types demo-ing. There will be tunes and food trucks and delicious lettuces and berries and such to purchase. The market will wrap on Thursday, Aug. 4. If you're in the mind to try out other nighttime summer markets, make for Santa Rosa on a Wednesday night; the city's large Wednesday Night Market bowed for 2011 on May 11.