#MeTooLGHS: Investigating Sex Assault Accusations by Los Gatos High Students

In a multi-part investigation, the Investigative Unit looks into an emotionally charged movement that has many split.

Investigative Unit

What’s happening at Los Gatos High School?

NBC Bay Area's Investigative Unit examines a wave of sexual misconduct allegations by current and former Los Gatos High School students on social media.

In a two-part report, investigative reporter Candice Nguyen looks into the school’s response and the district’s history with a past tragedy. The investigation shines a light on what’s being called one of the greatest challenges schools face: off-campus student sexual misconduct.

Part 1: Los Gatos High School Hit by Student Sex Assault Accusations

A wave of student sex assault claims has hit Los Gatos. Its high school district is accused of allowing a culture of denial. Candice Nguyen looks into the emotionally-charged movement that has many split.

Part 2: Los Gatos High School Scandal Impacted by Audrie Pott Case, Family Says

A family involved in a past tragedy with Los Gatos–Saratoga Union High School District says they are saddened but not surprised by a recent outpouring of student sex assault reports by current and former Los Gatos High School students. Candice Nguyen reports.

Part 3: Los Gatos High School ‘Culture of Denial' Has Existed for Decades, Former Student Says

A former Los Gatos High School star track athlete is responding to an NBC Bay Area investigation saying she was sexually abused on campus years ago and the school failed to protect her. Investigative reporter Candice Nguyen has more.

Part 4: Rally Calls for Change After Organizers Report 134 Cases of Student Sex Abuse

Organizers of a #MeToo protest say 134 Los Gatos - Saratoga High School students and alumni have reported being sexually abused or harassed. Investigative reporter Candice Nguyen was at a protest held in downtown Los Gatos Tuesday and has more.

Digital Extras

Watch extended interviews detailing how the alleged sexual assaults have impacted the lives of a student, former student and their father.

Mia Lozoya shares her experience of being sexually assaulted, she says, by another Los Gatos High School student last year.

Lyssa Broomfield talks about her reported sexual assault in 2015 and the nightmare that she says followed.

Scott Broomfield, Lyssa’s father, reads a letter he wrote titled, “To the Father of my Daughter’s Rapist.”

How to Report Sexual Assault

  • Report online. Many law enforcement agencies have online crime reporting services.
  • Visit a police station. You can speak to an officer in-person. They will provide a safe environment.
  • Tell your teacher or any school official. They are mandated reporters.
  • Go to the hospital. They will have staff trained to care for people who’ve been sexually assaulted. Hospital staff will ask if you want to report to police. You don’t have to.
  • Police say do not wash, change clothes or clean up in any way until after talking to authorities and going to the hospital. Any physical evidence may be valuable to press charges.

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