Castro Whole Foods Gets Another Look

This latest rendering of the mixed-use Whole Foods at 2001 Market St. is perhaps not the freshest, but it's also the closest up we've seen of what the 80-unit project might look like.

Namely: a pedestrian's-eye view of the large lead-up to the store's entrance, and in general more hints of what the building's going to look like in a non-watercolor world. Banners, trees, bikes, people, what have you. And it's even got the same white Prius as in our last render reveal. It's all in the detail, no?

Quick recap: there's going to be 80 residential units with about half of them two or more bedrooms. The project will be broken up into three sections, shortest at 45 feet along 14th Street, and higher at Market and Dolores at 85 feet each.

There will be plenty of outdoor space to frolic about, but doesn't it look like there's less exterior vegetation than before? Plants aside, how are you feeling about this, dear readers?

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