CityVille Heads to Google+

CityVille, Facebook's most popular game, will now be heading to its rival Google+, Zynga announced today on its blog.

CityVille grew to become our largest game on Facebook, so naturally we wanted to “build” a presence for it on Google+. Ultimately, we want to make our games accessible to everyone, everywhere – no matter where they play or what platform they play on.

The problem is that Zynga has Facebook's most-favored status (and almost wholly dependent on the social network for its revenue,) and this foray into a rival social network is likely not endearing the San Francisco-based game developer to Mark Zuckerberg. Regardless, because of Zynga's dependence on Facebook and its goal to go public, it needs to diversify its company and Google+ gives it access to a new revenue stream that will be attractive to shareholders.

It also didn't hurt that Google invested around $200 million in the social game developer. That may be enough to say goodbye to even a good friend.

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