Best-O-Burgers and Medjool's Roof “Crisis”

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Onetime three-star chef Randy Lewis is back in town after a stint in New Orleans and working with his old pals at Best-O-Burger: "He's focusing attention on a restaurant that's decidedly less high-end than his last one. It's called Best-O-Burger, a business Lewis said he helped launch last year and hopes to have expanded to three locations in San Francisco this year." [Nola]

THE MISSION—Presented without comment: "Invitations to join a Facebook page titled "SAVE MEDJOOL" are flooding San Franciscans' e-mail inboxes. The missive pleads for locals' help in persuading the big, bad Planning Department from pulling the permits for the Mission establishment's rooftop bar, which would ostensibly put the place under and force 60 hard-working souls into the breadlines." Much more on the, ahem, movement over at The Snitch. [SFW, previously]

THE MISSION—A tipster shares this fun fact about Mission dining at 2534 Mission Street: you can get the full Foreign Cinema menu at the its adjacent sister venue Bar Laszlo. [EaterWire]

THE SUNSET—Under the knife since November, Ebisu finally looks like it's getting close to making a return, with a Craigslist ad saying they are nearing the end of construction and are hiring. [CL]

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