Folding Bike With a Built-in Briefcase Is All Business

One problem with commuting by bike, is that most bikes don't offer an easy way to carry all of your stuff. Business executives want somewhere to stash their important papers and a laptop, and a simple messenger bag isn't going to do the trick. This bike provides a solution, by incorporating a fancy briefcase right into the design.

Designer Marcos Madia made the fancy carbon fiber briefcase an essential element of his Bikoff bike concept's structure, adding stiffness to what would otherwise be a very flexible frame design.

The Bikoff is designed to appeal to people would normally be stuck in a fancy car on their way to work, so they're probably not going to be dressed for serious riding. It looks like Madia used some type of shaft drive which is good for keeping greasy chain marks off those fancy Gucci suits, but I would suggest extending those fenders somewhat if they're going to be even slightly useful.

The Bikoff was a finalist in the Seoul Cycle Design competition, but is currently just a concept.

Coroflot, via Core 77

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