Funky Glowing Wallpaper Uses LEDs to Light Up Your Room

LEDs are making a big splash in the lighting world, but in most applications they are simply being used to replace old-fashioned light bulbs. A British company wants to reinvent the entire way we think of lighting rooms, by creating wallpaper with tiny LEDs embedded directly into the surface.

Meystyle LED wallpaper is mostly about creating a mood through ambient lighting, and isn't designed to replace all of the lighting in a room. In addition to the LEDs, some of the funky designs include embedded Swarovski crystals, and even hand applied gold or silver dust to add just a little more bling.

A lot of the designs appear to have a kind of retro 1970s style, which is great if you happen to love that look. Still, I'll leave it to you to decide whether they're just retro-cool, or genuinely hideous looking.

Meystyle will be unveiling their new collection this coming weekend at the 100% Design London show.

Meystyle, via Born Rich

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