Justin Bieber's a First-Time Homeowner

While Justin Bieber has sold more than 15 million copies of his albums, boasts a 20-million-plus twitter following, and is constantly barraged by a legion of screaming fans young and old, the one thing the 18-year-old pop sensation had yet to accomplish (at least up until recently) was buying a house. Well, the Biebs is now officially a first-time homeowner after plunking down $6.5 million for a Calabasas, California property, reports the Los Angeles Times

As most 18-year olds were spending their spring looking forward to high school graduation, Bieber perused posh estates, including his new home, which is is located on 1.3 acres in a gated community. With a library, movie theater with stadium seating, seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a swimming pool, we imagine that Bieber will be quite content in his new digs. The home also comes with a wet bar and wine cellar, though the 18-year-old Bieber will have to wait a few years to take advantage of those luxe features.

So, let's raise a glass (of water) to first-time homeowner Justin Bieber who is now the envy of most 18-year-olds--and, let's face it--the many of us who are still renting apartments that are as spacious as the pop star's new walk-in closets. 

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