Front Row Video of Lily Samii Fashion Show

Watch the models in action, plus backstage hair and makeup footage and expert commentary

The San Francisco glamourati were buzzing with excitment in the days leading up to Thursday, October 15th. The Northern California Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation teamed up with Lily Samii to put on a most fashionable joint production (pun intended). Watch the hilights of the evening from front row to backstage.

Founded in 1948 and galvanized by Carol Doll as she witnessed the effects of arthritis on her mother, the Northern California Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation is a leader among its peers. Its fundraising efforts, outreach, and dedication to prevention, control and cure for arthritis and related diseases are a model for efforts throughout the United States. Their most recent fundraiser was Thursday's fashion show featuring designs by Lily Samii, who has been creating sophisticated eveningwear in San Francisco for 20 years.

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