Mission Street Food's $10,000 Answer

The Mission Street Food gang received the $10,000 they wished for, thanks to overwhelming public support, and are now hurling faster towards the targeted summer opening of MSF spinoff, Commonwealth.

Founder Anthony Myint recently filled SF Eater in on what will happen at El Herradero as they turn the taqueria into their innovative new charitable dining concept:

"Basically, we're drawing on some aspects of MSF, such as affordability and inventiveness of cuisine, and trying to make this a more consistent and sustainable business, which creates some revenue for local charities...[We're creating an] approachable fine dining atmosphere, focused on value-oriented food...The overall experience will be much more akin to fine dining than the sometimes charming, but often chaotic atmosphere at Lung Shan.”

To this end, they’ll be adding a bar and changing the flooring and lighting of the existing space, among other things.

The interior will seat 40 to 50 people, and seating will be in a traditional as opposed to a communal dining format. Oh and they're using that $10,000 to fund the purchase of their kitchen equipment.

As for Mission Street Food, they will continue to operate one day a week when Commonwealth opens, but there’s a chance they may eventually cease to operate, depending on what key players decides to do. Overall the gang is just really excited to have reached a foundation of public support. Charity breeds charity, or so they say.

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