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Lexie Quiring

Pop up shops are scattered around the City. One of the most pleasing of the bunch, and well worth the effort it might take to pop in, is a combination of SF Gallery 143 & Local Patron. It popped up on Grant Avenue right in the center of our notorious North Beach, a locale that makes the store all the more intriguing.

North Beach, birthplace of beatniks and home to the vibrant personalities of San Francisco folklore, is a street like no other. The gathering of Chinese laundries, Italian bakeries, corner markets, coffee shops, thirst quenching pubs and eateries host a a few scattered fashion boutiques, antique stores, and more. Its easy to crisscross along the narrow brick lined street, which seems to have come straight out of a Charles Dickens' tale. The charming street referred to as Upper Grant, a passage without stop lights, provides all the panache needed to survive in our City.

The benefit of shopping at Local Patron is two-fold: 1. support local talent and 2. purchase something very unique and in most cases, eco-friendly. There are dozens of trend-setting designers under one roof. Most are right here in the Bay Area and they all have a sharp vision of what's current and fashionable.

There is vintage silver flatware re-invented as attractive barrettes, along with impressive bracelets lined up right next to a cleverly decorated bedside treasure chest. One of the shining stars is Harlequin Feltworks, makers of pleasingly deceptive florals. A rose is a rose, unless its a scarf by Harlequin Feltworks.

My, these beauties are flattering even when one is feeling weary. Handmade, shaped and dyed in an array of lovely colors, these scarves are definitely worth a visit. There are even adorable cozies for ipods and iphones made of felt, hand stitched, and adorned with appliques of whales and octopi. The artwork of Hilary Williams is absolutely worthy of taking center-stage.

The group also supports the community with semi-weekly benefits - check out the website for details. There is only drawback - the pop up shop is only here for the holiday season.

You still have time to become a loyal customer at Local Patron. It’ll be an experience to remember, believe me.

Local Patron - open until January 10, 2010 - 1418 Grant @ Green - 415-956-1517 - www.sfgallery143.com

Lexie Quiring is the wisest local patron in town! Email her for a personal shopping tour of SF at lexie@shopSFwithlexie.com

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