Recession Proof Your Wardrobe

Bay Area stylist offers fashion advice during hard times

Rachael Shayne is a San Francisco based style coach who is offering fashionistas a way to stay fabulously beautiful during a tough economy.

She specializes in helping mid-to-senior level professionals and professional mothers who want an honest head-to-toe style assessment, genuine input and the confidence to advance-at work and in life.

The image expert is a mother of twins, entrepreneur and everyday style icon embodies all of this and more in her services for both corporate and private clients.

Shayne offers an array of customized services including closet edits, wardrobe and outfit-building, makeup tutorials, shopping guides, personal shopping, speaking engagements, promotional appearances, dress code seminars, and original style content that helps people develop reliable and realistic style to fit their lifestyle.

She said the key to a recession-proof wardrobe is to assess what clients already own by editing their closet and then teaching them how to shop in it.

Here's how you can do it in four steps:
1. Remove and donate or toss anything that is obviously out-of-date or you know you'll never wear again. Be ruthless. If it doesn't make you feel great, it's out. It's better to have fewer, better pieces in heavy rotation than risk wearing something that doesn't flatter you.

2. Set aside anything that needs to be tailored in order to fit, be updated (e.g., removing pleats from pants), or be fixed.

3. Organize the items into categories: tops, jackets, pants, and skirts. Then organize each category by color from white to black. Now your closet is merchandised like a retail store and can be shopped. You will learn to mix, match and coordinate like a pro once you're organized.

4. Find your style muse and make new outfit combinations. Look to catalogs and magazines for inspiration. Examine how they put outfits together, the colors and textures they coordinated into an outfit, and the jewelry they paired with it. Then determine how you would make it your own. Be open to new ideas and shop in your own closet putting together pieces that match your inspiration outfits.

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