Ritzy High School Rolls Out the Taco Truck Welcome Mat, Sort of

Taco trucks are welcome at Palo Alto High School just as long as all their permits are in order and they do not park on campus.

A Wyss catering truck started parking on the high school campus, which is located right next to Stanford University, when some of students saw the truck and asked it to stop one day. Since then the truck has become so popular it began stopping there everyday, according to the California Taco Trucks blog.

But the school --ranked one of the nation's top high schools for academic achievement this year -- has come down on the popular vendor saying "it is illegal for the taco truck to park on school property,” according to the school paper.

The insinuation being safety concerns force the campus to keep tight tabs on who comes and goes.

"There are health requirements about serving food on campus, and I need to speak to the superintendent about what they are exactly," Vice Principal Jerry Berkson told the Paly Voice.

But the irony is Berkson said if the truck parked across the street from the school, and all of its permits were in order, the school would not do anything about it.

The truck operator says he plans to continue visiting the school everyday since students love the burgers, tacos and burritos he serves.

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