Slashed Tweed Bags

Plus the great cookie exchange and classic watches for the holidays

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TWEED IN STYLE: Sewn up in Dogpatch, Rickshaw's sturdy shoulder slings now come in professorial green and brown tweed herringbone. Sizes range from from skinny to large, with ample inner pockets for all your friend's junk, optional laptop sleeves, and 40 different colors of Cordura to choose from for the binding, from chocolate brown to garish bright orange, in case the professorial look he's going for is Nutty. [SF Thrillist]

THE GREAT COOKIE EXCHANGE: Drop by Tree Frog Treks and get rewarded for your scientific curiosity. The free event is a science education program for kids but don't let all that science give you a headache. This party has a sweet ending. Bring a cookie and participate in the great cookie exchange. [SF Fun Cheap]

XETUM WATCHES ARE FANCY: These classy/pricey bad boys're designed in SF and constructed in Switzerland, incorporating K1 hardened mineral crystal casings and tanned leather bands lined with Italian cork. There's the sleek Tyndall, with off white, semi-gloss minute/hour hands (and a mini recessed dial for the seconds), and the minimalist Stinson with its oversized, luminescent 3/6/9/12s and smooth-gliding second hand, a sweet feature whomever steals it out of your buddy's Croc at the beach will surely appreciate. [SF Thrillist]

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