Turd Chair Sells for $28 Million

This is either proof that the art collectors are still spending, or that they have lost their minds. Maybe both. The piece in question is a chair -- resembling a turd with with tusks -- that gaveled yesterday at Christie's Paris auction for an eye-popping (pooping?) $28.3 million. The leather and wood chair that swaddled the ass of Yves Saint Laurent was among the items fetching $484 million, almost $60 million more than the estimated total sales of the "Auction of the Century," which critics said would determine the future of all art auctions.

The couple that bought the 90-year-old armchair (entitled Dragons—yes, the chair is art, it has a title) paid far more than the $3.8 million estimate. “It is the price of desire,” sniffed the buyer. A Christie’s rep was astounded at the sale of Dragons, which was designed by Irish artiss Eileen Gray. “It was a remarkably strong piece, but what it went for was beyond our wildest imagination.” Being of Irish descent, and on behalf of the Old Sod, I apologize for our crappy contribution to the art world. Mea maxima culpa.

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