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Star Wars Fan Flick is a YouTube Hit

Crowd-sourced film hits the million mark in 72 hours.



    Star Wars Fan Flick is a YouTube Hit

    In 2009, the website began asking fans of the sci-fi classic to take a 15 second scene from the movie, and recreate it in their own way.

    Now, three years later, the bits have all been sewn together to create a two hour final cut of Star Wars: A New Hope.

    The video was uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 18, 2012, and already has over a million views.

    The clips have all been available online previously, and even won an interactive Emmy in 2010, but this is the first time they've been available as one finished, full-length film.

    "1M views in 72hrs! Thanks everyone for all the wonderful feedback," creator Casey Pugh tweeted.

    The BBC says reports show Lucasfilm is supportive of the project.