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Activists Thwart State Wildlife Attempts to Relocate Bears



    Animal activists are battling with state wildlife officials who want to relocate agressive bears who make their way into Lake Tahoe residential areas. Activists have been using Pine-Sol on bear traps to ward the animals away, even though bears are breaking into house windows to find food. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013)

    A battle over bears is underway in the forests and neighborhoods surrounding Lake Tahoe.

    The problem is-- the bears aren't just staying in the woods. Food smells lure them into cabins. And they’ve learned to smash in doors, bust through windows, and how to open refrigerators.

    State wildlife personnel who trap the “breaking-and-entering” bears, tell the Sacramento Bee that activists are defying them -- waiting near the cages and scaring off the bears. They also drench the traps in Pine-Sol - a scent bears don't like.

    Activists say relocating the bears is unnecessary, and they angrily oppose euthanizing problem animals.