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Pres. Obama's Speech Draws Record Tweets
Friday, Sep 7, 2012
With Obama embracing social media the way he has with Twitter town halls, and Google Plus hangouts (not to mention his Reddit appearance last week) it's not a huge surprise that Twitter exploded while he spoke.
Updated Nov 7, 08:03 AM PST
88 % Precincts Reporting
Jerry Brown (D) 54% 3,683,257
Meg Whitman (R) 41% 2,845,080
Chelene Nightingale 2% 107,724
Dale Ogden 1% 99,727
Laura Wells 1% 84,009
Carlos Alvarez 1% 59,034
The Day After: Governor-Elect Jerry Brown
Nov 3, 11:58 AM PDT
Jerry Brown speaks to reporters a day after defeating Meg Whitman for Governor of California
Whitman Concedes
NBC Bay Area
Nov 3, 12:29 AM PDT
No so fast, says one California billionaire.

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Oct 12, 09:04 PM PDT


Mar 23, 01:27 PM PDT
California -- a place famous for the new -- is leaning on the old and the familiar.


Feb 10, 07:39 AM PST
Brown won't feed the press at his election-night party.
Nov 14, 08:31 PM PST
"I take as my challenge, forging a common purpose," Brown tells supporters.
Nov 4, 12:55 PM PDT
California candidates make their final stops ahead of Election Day.
Nov 2, 06:45 PM PDT