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Another Sea Lion Greets Bay Area Streets

Pup discovered on roadway, but safely returns to water



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    Another adorable pinniped wandered out of San Francisco Bay.

    Sea lions. They're like locusts, but way cuter!

    The cuddly aquatic mammals are finding themselves in Bay Area intersections a lot these days. Just one day after a sea lion nicknamed “Fruitvale” was found on Interstate 880, another pup found its way onto San Francisco streets.

    The animal was found at the intersection of Marina and Lyon in San Francico's Crissy Field, but was coaxed back into the water.

    With Park Police on the scene, the little pup made its getaway, “walking” down a flight of stairs, across the beach, and then back down into the bay.
    The sea lion was uninjured in the incident.

    The Marine Mammal Center tells SF Appeal that such forays onto land aren't uncommon for the peregrinating pinnipeds.