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SJ Car Transforms Into Bee Hive

Infiniti parked on neighborhood street abuzz with swarm



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    Thousands of bees swarmed an Infiniti parked along a San Jose neighborhood street.

    It looks like a scene out of a B-rate movie. Thousands of bees attached to something other than a hive looking hungry and ready to devour anything in their path.

    It wasn't exactly an "Attack of the Killer Bees" situation but the oddity of nature in the South Bay Friday was enough to make people steer clear of a car discovered with a swarm attached.

    A viewer alerted us to the bee-zarre scene at the corner of 5th and E. Empire streets, where a white Infiniti was discovered with thousands of the tiny buzzers covering a huge section of the car's right side. When we got there, that's just what we found. Check out the raw video clip from the scene but be warned, these little guys might just give you the creeps.

    The bees were likely just doing what comes naturally. The swarm follows the queen, which will sometimes land in a new place while the workers seek out a new home.

    Here's what we learned from

    When the number of workers exceeds the capacity of the hive, the workers will raise a second queen and she will travel to a new location with half of the colonies worker bees and Drones.

     As far as we know, the bees kept to themselves and didn't sting anyone.