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Mother, Autistic Son's Artwork Coming Soon To A Store Near You



    Patti Gay has always seen the beauty in her autistic son, Noah. Now, through an ingenious collaboration, not only can others see it, they can buy a piece of it. (Published Thursday, March 20, 2014)

    Art, for Patti Gay, has rarely been a solitary pursuit.

    During her career as an illustrator and art director, working on everything from greeting cards to children's books, Patti always took pleasure in collaborating with a team to create the right image.

    It is Patti's latest collaboration, though, that has become her favorite. That's because her artistic co-creator is her 22-year-old, nonverbal autistic son, Noah.

    "There’s a beauty in what he does and who he is," Patti says, "and I want that to be seen."

    Ever since Noah was a little boy, art therapy was part of his daily life. Patti made sure of it. She could tell that Noah enjoyed the sensations, textures, and colors that came with painting with his fingers, rollers, and sponges.

    Patti Gay has been doing art therapy with her autistic son, Noah, ever since he was a little boy.

     And Patti always loved the result. She often thought of framing his works as-is. It wasn't until two years ago, though, Patti came up with an ingenious way for the two of them to work together.

    "I looked at his (paintings) and thought, this would be cool to use in my sketches."

    Patti then began scanning hundreds of Noah's art works into her computer. She would then create brand new images, of birds, animals, and beach scenes, using nothing but Noah's work as her pallet.

    "These pieces would not happen without him," Patti says, "and I think I’ve taken his work and made it into something else. Something I love."

    Patti scanned hundreds of Noah's paintings into her computer, then created new artworks using only colors and textures from his work as her pallet.

    Something others seem to love as well.

    Patti began sending their Two Can artwork to manufacturers to see if anyone would be interested in licensing their work. They were.

    The Tervis Tumber Company agreed to feature Patti and Noah's creations on a line of insulated cups. You can expect to see them featured in a Bed Bath and Beyond store near you this spring.

    A portion of the proceeds from the sale of their Two Can products will go to support autism causes.

    Other products featuring the Two Can artwork are in the pipeline as well.

    "I am thrilled," Patti says. "To go and see his textures on these pieces is so rewarding.To know they are giving back to the community makes me so happy that it made me cry."

    The Tervis Tumbler Company has come out with a line of thermoses featuring Patti and Noah's Two Can Art