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Bomb on Bike

A bicyclists in the East Bay was discovered packing a bomb in his backpack.



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    Explosives can take all forms, and on all modes of transportation. Including bombs, in backpacks, on bikes.

    Police in San Ramon made the above revelation recently, when cops made a traffic stop on Joshua Cohen, 27, for an "undisclosed reason," according to the Contra Costa Times.

    When police opened Cohen's backpack at around 11 p.m. at Alcosta Boulevard at Davona Drive, they discovered a "homemade destructive device," according to the newspaper. In other words: they found a bomb in the bicyclist's backpack.

    The Walnut Creek bomb squad was summoned and disposed of the explosive, and Cohen, who is described as a resident of San Ramon and Dublin, was booked into Contra Costa County Jail in Martinez.