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CA Scientist Comments on Weird Wisconsin Noises

Strange booms and bangs wake up residents in the middle of the night.



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    A Menlo Park seismologist has been called in to help solve an X-File in a Wisconsin town.

    Residents of Clintonville, Wisconsin have been trying to get the bottom of some unexplainable noises in the night.

    According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, residents have compared the noises to such things as "a 90-ton wrecking ball slamming into something,"  to "fireworks exploding underwater." 

    One resident thought someone drove a car into her home, while another thought there were "critters" in her basement.

    The noises woke up residents on the northeast side of Clintonville around 2 a.m. Monday and continued on and off until at least 8 p.m. the paper reports.

    Authorities say the sounds are not earthquakes, methane gas, wastewater or military missions.

    David Hill, a seismologist and scientist emeritus for the U.S. Geological Survey in Melo Park was called for his opinion.

    "In North Carolina there are sand dunes and there's such a thing as booming sands," Hill said,  "Of course, booming sounds travel a long ways. Sometimes thunderstorms can be beyond the horizon, but it's not likely that's the source of the noises in Wisconsin at this time of year."

    For now, the mystery continues.