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'Diggnation' Web Show to End in December



    'Diggnation' Web Show to End in December
    Say goodbye to the beer-drinking tech-talkers.

    Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht will be hanging up their bottle openers and getting off the couch very soon.

    Known as the "Oprah" of tech shows, the popular web series "Diggnation" will be retiring this December, after some 300-plus episodes.

    Rose and Albrecht became well-known from the TechTV/ G4 days, but after leaving the main stream, joined forces to produce a web show based on Rose's hit website, Digg

    The duo would sit on a couch, drink beer and discuss the most popular articles from Digg that week. 

    Both hosts feel it is time to move on to bigger and better things.

    Rose told the New York Times, “There are other things, creatively, that we’ve started to do that are a little more fresh and exciting,” adding,  “It feels like the right time. We don’t want to wake up one morning and think ‘Wow, we spent the last 20 years on the couch.’ ”

    But if  you think these two are going to disappear into the sunset, think again. You will still be able to find Alex on "The Totally Rad Show," and Rose will remain host of "Foundation" when he's not busy at work on his Milk project.