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Gavin Newsom Kicked off of San Francisco Democratic Party



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    Now a Marin resident can't be a San Francisco Democrat.

    Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is a Democrat. But the former mayor of San Francisco is no longer a San Francisco Democrat.

    The newly-minted Marin resident was removed from the Central Committee of the San Francisco Democratic Party, after Newsom failed to show that he still lived in San Francisco, according to party chairman Aaron Peskin.

    Peskin, the former president of the Board of Supervisors with whom Newsom clashed regularly, is accused of playing petty politics: kicking Newsom off of the Democratic County Central Committee, which votes on the official party endorsements at its next meeting in August, benefits some Peskin political allies, opponents of the move say.

    But Peskin is bound by the rules of the committee, which states that members must be San Francisco residents, and Newsom has sold his Ashbury Heights home and moved to Marin, according to news reports.

    "The rules are the rules," Peskin said, according to the San Francisco Appeal online newspaper.

    The committee -- made up of local elected officials and longtime political wonks -- voted 15-9, with multiple members absent or abstaining from the vote, to remove Newsom.

    How does the Lieutenant Governor feel about all of this? Nobody knows: multiple efforts to contact Newsom were ignored, and the Tweeter-in-Chief did not mention the DCCC in multiple Twitter messages posted Friday.