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Golden Parachute for Exiting SF Muni Chief Ford



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    SFMTA CEO Nathaniel Ford, seen here with Mayor Gavin Newsom to his left, was paid a hefty sum to leave the City.

    He never could fix the City's Muni buses and trains. So San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency CEO Nathaniel P. "Nat" Ford, the highest-paid San Francisco city employee, is walking off the job.

    Nat Ford, who earned $308,000 a year during his last year as Muni chief, will leave his position on June 30, according to numerous reports. The decision for Ford to step down was reached by "mutual" agreement with him and the SFMTA board, it was reported.

    Ford -- who had eyed jobs in Washington DC and elsewhere while still at the helm of Muni -- will leave with a mixed bag of accomplishments, but he'll also leave with a $384,000 golden parachute, SF Weekly reported. The benefit package was slammed as fiscally irresponsible by state Sen. Leland Yee and others.

    That's much better than it could have been, pointed out Tom Nolan, who sits on the SFMTA Board. A contract buyout would have cost "an outrageous" $700,000.

    Nolan pointed out some of Ford's accomplishments, such as balancing the budget and starting SFPark, the City's new parking meter measure.

    Ford was a transit official in Atlanta before then-Mayor Gavin Newsom appointed him to head Muni in the summer of 2005.