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Muni Passengers Jumping From Buses Causes Expensive Fix

The late trend of prying open a door and hopping from a moving bus predicates a fix.



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    Passengers leaping off buses mid-ride has become an issue on Muni.

    Multiple incidents of passengers jumping out of Muni buses in motion have led the agency to spend big to fix doors and to "plead with riders" not to jump off mid-ride, according to reports.

    The San Francisco Examiner tells of 15 recorded incidents in a 10-day span of passengers "illegally opening doors and jumping out of Muni buses in between stops," sometimes when the bus is traveling as fast as 25 miles per hour.

    Police are investigating the mid-ride exits as "criminal acts," the newspaper reported.

    It appears that the jumpers are taking advantage of a design flaw in the doors, the newspaper reported.

    This means that Muni will need to spend as much as $2 million to put an extra motor on 200 buses -- and means that other passengers would not be able to exit a bus without "smashing out a window," the newspaper reported.

    Muni officials called the acts "stupid and callous." Jumpers have been found on the 38-Geary, 14-Mission and other lines, the newspaper reported.