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Quake Wakes People Up in South Bay



    People in the South Bay woke up this morning to a little shaking. A 4.0 magnitude earthquake centered in Hollister was felt in San Jose and Santa Cruz around 2:47 a.m.

    Once waking up, people immediately started tweeting. One person said "Minor earthquake in Hollister just now. Should have felt like a good breeze." Another wrote: "Earthquake in Hollister...only a 4.2, but the dog freaked out and jumped up on my bed and woke me up :(".

    The quake did not cause any injuries or major damage, though a store in Hollister says some angel food cakes fell off store shelves. NBC Bay Area's George Kiriyama talked to them and they say the cakes are fine and in good enough shape to be sold. They described the quake as a sharp, quick jolt that lasted about five seconds.