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SJ State Journalism School Wins $8.7 Million For Social Media

Gift will fund new wing of journalism school



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    Students walk out of Joe West Hall at San Jose State University .

    One of the largest gifts in San Jose State University history is making news. Literally.

    The School of Journalism and Mass Communication received a $8.7 million gift from the estate of Jack and Emma Anderson, who owned the student newspaper's printing press for 20 years, according to a release from the school.

    The funding from the past will help fuel the future -- the money's earmarked for "new media and social media research."

    Jack Anderson died in 1989, and Emma ran the print shop for eight more years before her death in March 2012.

    The cash will create a Center For New Media and Social Media Research, will help the school "transition to the digital era," in the words of the university, and help the school find companies and other partners necessary to "deliver specialized certificate training" and online classes for "advanced degrees."