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Stockton Scene Cleared Without Arrest

Home in Stockton subject of 12 hour standoff that ended without an arrest.



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    KCRA reported police were negotiating with Steve Ruiz to surrender.

    Police, including officers from San Jose, surrounded a Stockton home Saturday.

    The person who had their attention was Hell's Angels member Steve Ruiz, according to investigators.

    Ruiz is the man suspected of killing a fellow Hell's Angels member last weekend at a funeral in San Jose.

    After a 12-plus hour stand-off, police cleared the scene. San Jose police told NBC Bay Area that officers determined Ruiz was never at the home and they said they do not think he would have been able to escape. They would not say what lead them to the home. 

    Ruiz was feared dead earlier in the week, but San Jose police said Friday they had reason to believe he was still alive. Police said Ruiz shot and killed Steve Tausan at Oak Hills funeral one week ago.

    Police released new details on the funeral shooting on Friday.

    Lt. Allan Cavallo, a commander in the homicide unit,  said minutes prior to Ruiz's confrontation with Tausan, Ruiz got into a fight with an "unpatched" member of the Hells Angels where he got knocked down to the ground and kicked in the head. That fight took place in the parking lot outside of the chapel as a third member of the Hells Angels named Jeffrey Pettigrew's coffin was in the process of being moved to the burial site.

    Pettigrew was the 51-year-old president of the Hells Angels' San Jose chapter who was killed at John Ascuaga's Nugget casino resort in Sparks, Nev., on the night of Sept. 23.

    Ruiz's friends picked him up and brushed him off and in the meantime, someone went to find Tausan to confront Ruiz, Cavallo said.

    Tausan then came to Ruiz and the two got into a fight. Ruiz took out a handgun and shot Tausan, police said. Police Officer Jose Garcia said Tausan was a "confirmed or validated member of the Hells Angels" motorcycle club.

    He would not comment on which chapter he was affiliated with. Several Hells Angels members "destroyed evidence," and were uncooperative or confrontational with police, hampering the investigation, Cavallo said.

    On Friday police said Ruiz was considered armed and dangerous and that Ruiz' girlfriend's life may be in danger.

    Police believe Ruiz has two black eyes and other facial injuries. Ruiz and Trujillo may be traveling in a gold or pewter Chevrolet Suburban. Ruiz has family in Arizona and New York who he may attempt to contact, police said.

    Anyone with information regarding Ruiz or his whereabouts is asked to call the Police Department's homicide unit at (408) 277-5283. Those wishing to remain anonymous can call (408) 947-STOP or visit


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