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Peninsula City May Disband Police Force

Move would save city $2 million



    Peninsula City May Disband Police Force
    Howard Fenter / Flickr
    The city of San Carlos is considering handing off police duties to neighboring Redwood City.

    As city's across the state battle with their budget deficits, more and more are looking for creative solutions to cut costs.

    San Carlos, which is facing a $3.5 million budget shortfall, is looking to save $2 million but closing the doors on its police department.

    Instead, it would pay the San Mateo County Sheriff or Redwood City Police Department to patrol the city.

    Sonoma disbanded it's police department in 2004 to save money, turning patrols over to the county, and it hasn't exactly devolved into violent anarchy.

    Opponents worry that the city will lose the local control its enjoyed by having it's own cops for 85 years.

    If the City Council decides to go with the offer from the county, all the current SCPD offers would be hired as deputy and given raises.

    A decision is expected this month.

    But hey, at least the city isn't considering bankruptcy like Antioch, or privatizing some police work like Vallejo, so that's something.

    Jackson West wonders if all anyone on the peninsula cares about are property values.

    Photo by Howard Fenter.


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