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San Jose Gang Shooting Under Investigation

No injuries, but all witnesses fled the scene.



    San Jose Gang Shooting Under Investigation
    Getty Images / Scott Olson

    San Jose police are investigating a gang-related shooting that took place on a residential street Sunday evening.

    Police responded to reports that around 6:30 p.m. several known  gang members had fired shots at the house of opposing gang members in the 500  block of Skall Drive.

    Police said that following the initial shots, those inside the house responded with their own gunfire.

    No injuries were reported, but all people reported to be involved fled before officers arrived, police said.

    The violence came less than a week after San Jose Mayor Chuck  Reed, Police Chief Chris Moore, city council members, community leaders,  residents, and victims of recent gang violence gathered at a City Hall prayer  vigil and protest aimed at combating gang violence last week.

    At that gathering in the City Hall courtyard, protestors held signs that read, "enough is enough," and "stop violence" and chanted "no more  bloodshed, no more tears."

    The evening vigil followed a string of violent crimes, including  eight violent deaths in the weeks leading up to the vigil.