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Shows Canceled, Odd Behavior: Michelle Shocked Saga Continues

Things get weirder for Michelle Shocked



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    Yoshi's said Michelle Shocked is banned from performing in their club ever again.

    The strange, twisted tale of Michelle Shocked -- the one-time lesbian or perhaps bisexual folk singer whose anti-gay rant in San Francisco on March 17 has possibly killed her career -- continues.

    The Los Angeles-based singer has had a slew of shows canceled following her instruction -- or ironic joke in poor taste and timing, nobody is quite sure -- that she told her audience at Yoshi's that "Michelle Shocked says God hates fags," according to reports.

    She's also lost the services of her publicist, booking agent, and now she's in a Twitter war, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

    Apparently Shocked was pulled from an appearance in LA -- entitled "The Effects of Gay-Bashing on the LA Mayoral Race" -- but then announced she'd show up anyway.

    The venue very emphatically told Shocked that she wasn't welcome, so the former Occupy LA activist posted "OK, OCCUPIE!!" on her Twitter feed.

    No showdown occurred, however, as Shocked spent the evening at an event for homeless people, the newspaper reported.