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Steve Jobs' Home Burglarized

The house is undergoing renovations; nobody was believed to be at home.



    Man Arrested for Robbing Steve Jobs' Home

    Several computers and personal items worth more than $60,000 were stolen from the Northern California home of the late Steve Jobs in what authorities insist was a run of the mill burglary. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012)

    Computers and personal items worth more than $60,000 have been stolen from the Northern California home of the late Steve Jobs.

    The San Jose Mercury News reports 35-year-old Kariem McFarlin, of Alameda, has been arrested and charged with residential burglary and selling stolen property. He remains jailed with bail set at $500,000 pending an Aug. 20 court hearing. He faces almost eight years in prison if he is convicted, prosecutors said.

    Santa Clara County prosecutor Tom Flattery won't say if the items taken from the Palo Alto home on July 17 belonged to Jobs or another family member.

     Jobs was known for a modest personal life and had lived in the residential neighborhood. Authorities suspect his seven-bedroom house was targeted because it was undergoing renovation and may have appeared less secure. They believe the house was unoccupied at the time of the burglary.  

    The co-founder of Apple Inc. died last year at the age of 56.

    Supervising Santa Clara County deputy district attorney Scott Tsui said, "While the D.A.’s Office is not going to say exactly what the suspect has told them, to the best of our knowledge, the home was not targeted. The evidence shows it was a random burglary and the suspect did not know who lived there."

    Palo Alto police reported a jump in residential burglaries in 2012, more than 100 in six months.