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More Californians Like Tax Hikes for Schools

A New Poll Shows Voters Are Favoring A Tax Hike for Education



    More Californians Like Tax Hikes for Schools

    New polls show a slight majority of Californians support a tax hike proposal to fund education.

    According to the Sacramento Bee, a survey done by the Public Policy Institute of California shows 54 percent of likely voters approve of Governor Jerry Brown's tax measure, which is still gathering signatures for the November ballot. 

    At this point, 39 percent oppose it. 

    The governor's plan would increase taxes on those earning more than $250,000 per year and it would also raise the sale's tax by a half-cent for four years.

    But the poll also found similar proposals being floated around by other groups are not faring well.  California faces a deficit of more than $9 billion for fiscal year 2012-2013, and the governor believes it could even top $10 billion.

     Brown says his proposal would provide the necessary funds to keep kindergarten through 12th grade spared by the budget axe.   If his proposal fails in November, automatic cuts would be triggered on spending for K-12 education. 

     On a side note, the poll also found voters seem to approve of  Brown's work done so far in Sacramento.   A total of 47 percent of the voters are giving him high marks, but when it comes to his education policies, only 23 percent support him.