A Googler's Dream Wedding

Three day affair featured fireworks, The Killers

Google Vice President of Search Products and User Experience Marissa Mayer got married last weekend, and it was quite the production, according to reports.

Guests stayed at the Four Seasons, where Mayer lives in a penthouse apartment, and the ceremony was held on Treasure Island, and Vogue covered the affair.

Mayer wore a dress by Naeem Khan and veil by Carolina Herrera with new husband Zack Bogue, a lawyer and investment manager, wearing an off-the-rack Brioni tux. Guests dined on food prepared by New Yorkers Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who served lobster and beef, and Ron Ben-Israel, who made the cake.

Interesting that Mayer didn't go local with the food -- Dungeness crab is in season, and Mayer's an investor in local pastry genius Shinmin Li's I Dream of Cake.

The Killers stooped to performing at the reception, but if you missed them, don't worry -- they'll probably be playing at a county fair near you soon enough.

Guests were also barred from posting photos online and, according to one rumor, were required to carry ID cards with them at the event -- possibly to facilitate tracking for security purposes.

Such privacy measures are interesting coming from a Googler, especially considering that Mayer's boss, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, recently declared "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."

Then again, the no-photos policy was probably part of the "exclusive" pitch to get Vogue to cover the event.

If it all seems pretty typical for a nouveau riche who grew up in the flyover states with socialite aspirations.

Jackson West is glad Mayer is branching out from tacky de la Renta, at least.

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