This article is sponsored by Sofia University, a California graduate school that takes a holistic approach to learning. Click here to learn more about Sofia University's curriculum.

People never stop learning, however most Americans never set foot in a classroom after graduating from college. Today's shifting economy, however, has put tremendous value on learning, even when college is over.

But what busy adult has the time and energy to take a full load of courses, while also juggling a career, a family and a social life? Sofia University, the Silicon Valley-based graduate school specializing in psychology, has crafted a curriculum that is custom fit to the busy lifestyle of working professionals who crave additional education to complement their life experiences.

By combining online coursework with face-to-face instruction from professors, Sofia offers a B.A. in Psychology or Liberal Arts degrees that can be completed in just one year, with minimal residency. Students can choose three concentrations for each degree. The B.A. in Liberal Arts offers concentrations in Business and Leadership, LGBTQ Studies as well as Transpersonal Studies. The B.A. in Psychology offers specializations in Business and Leadership, LGBTQ Studies and Coaching.

Founded in 1975, Sofia University's teaching method weighs heavily on an experiential education model that integrates six qualities of life into its coursework: intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, creative and relational. Sofia offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees, and is a world leader in transpersonal research as well as the education of wellness caregivers and clinicians.

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